Elmbridge Borough Council Residents’ Survey


Share your thoughts on the Council’s management of your local area

The residents’ survey is open to all residents on the Elmbridge Borough Council website until 2 November.

This is the perfect opportunity for residents to convey their perceptions of various community areas and services, to enable the Council to track progress in fulfilling its five-year Vision for Elmbridge.

Residents can take this opportunity to share their thoughts on key community aspects including; value for money, their satisfaction with Council services, management of green spaces, safeguarding of the environment, how the Council performs as a leader within the community, and whether Elmbridge is a good place to live.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Tim Oliver emphasises the value of completing the survey; “The residents survey is mutually beneficial in that it allows our residents to have a voice on key community services, while giving us a clearer picture of what areas need addressing as we continue to work to make Elmbridge a thriving community for all.”

Chief Executive of Elmbridge Borough Council, Robert Moran echoes this message; “This survey is a great opportunity for our residents to give us their views on a number of Council efforts to maintain and protect our community. Don’t miss the chance to help improve your local area”.

The link to the survey can be found here:

Residents should also be aware that they can only complete the survey once.

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