Elmbridge Rubbish Collection Service - Strike Action till August 19th - CANCELLED

Elmbridge Borough Council Update : 12 August

Industrial action called off

From Monday 15 August, recycling and waste collection services will be operating in Elmbridge – refuse, food, recycling and garden waste - as industrial action has been called-off.

You should put your bins out on your normal collection day.

If you have additional recycling to be collected, place it in clear bags beside your recycling bin on the day your recycling is due to be collected. If you have additional cardboard for recycling, please ensure it is folded flat and placed beside your recycling bin.

You can also bring your additional recycling to your nearest community recycling centre (tip).

The community recycling webpages gives you information on separating your recycling and showing proof of being a Surrey resident in order to drop off your recycling.

Clear plastic bags for recycling will continue to be available at the various locations outlined on our website until further notice.

Missed collections: We appreciate this service has not been consistently operating to its normal high standard over the last couple of weeks. If your bin is not collected by 4pm, please report this as a missed collection via our website and leave your bin out until it is collected.

Restoring the standards expected for your waste collection service: It is likely that there will be slight disruptions in the next few weeks as the crews collect the additional waste that has built up during the industrial action. We ask for your patience during this time.

Many thanks for your patience and we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Elmbridge Borough Council Update : 4 August

Clear bag collection for recycling

Elmbridge Council have put measures in place to help you continue to recycle during the industrial action impacting the waste collection service in Elmbridge.

Until further notice, please do not place your recycling bin out for collection.

Collection points are now available for you to pick up clear bags to store recycling. Please also take a bag for friends or neighbours who can’t travel to a collection point.

You can bring the filled bags to a community recycling centre , or keep it until a full collection service has been restored.

  • To help store your recycling, wherever you can, please squash items you place in the bags.
  • When we resume recycling collections please tie the bags and place them next to your bin.

Clear bag collection points

LocationAddress Times
 Civic Centre High Street, Esher KT10 9SD Monday - Friday
8.45am - 4.30pm
 Claygate Centre for the Community Elm Road, Claygate KT10 0EH Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Cobham Centre for the Community Oakdene Road, Cobham KT11 2LY Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Hersham Centre for the Community 7 Queens Road, Hersham KT12 5LU Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Hurst Pool Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground, Dunstall Way, East
Molesey KT8 1PD
 Monday - Friday
7am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday
7am - 7pm
 Lower Green Community Centre Recreation Ground Farm Road, Esher KT10 8AU Monday - Friday
9.30am - 2.30pm
 Molesey Centre for the Community Bishop Fox Way, West Molesey KT8 2AS Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Thames Ditton Centre for the Community Mercer Close, Thames Ditton KT7 0BS 9.30am - 3pm on
Monday and Thursday
 Walton Centre for the Community Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2PB Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Weybridge Centre for the Community Churchfield Place, Weybridge KT13 8BZ Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3pm
 Xcel Leisure Complex Waterside Drive, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2JG Monday - Friday
6am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday
7am - 9pm


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Elmbridge Borough Council Update : 1 August

Due to industrial action, a reduced waste collection service has been deployed in Elmbridge from today till the 19th of August.

The crews will prioritise food waste and refuse collection as this is the most inconvenient waste for residents to dispose of – no one wants to transport food waste in their cars!

If you are due to have a refuse / food collection on Monday 1 August or Tuesday 2 August, please put your bin out as normal.

If it is not emptied by 4pm please report it as a missed collection and leave the bin out as Elmbridge Council will aim to collect missed food waste and refuse as soon as they can.

No recycling or garden waste will be collected today. Customers can bring their recycling and garden waste to their local community recycling centre. Information on recycling centres.

Please also share the information with any neighbours who are not online.

See the latest statements from Amey.

We hope the below Q&A helps with any questions you have.

What is happening?
  • The GMB has notified Amey of its intention to take industrial action in Elmbridge and Surrey
  • This resulted from a ballot held in Surrey Heath, Woking and Elmbridge depots to vote on industrial action in response to the proposed pay deal for 2022-23
  • Surrey Heath and Elmbridge depots voted for industrial action. Woking did not have sufficient turnout for a valid outcome. However, it is possible that the GMB could re-ballot its Woking members
  • Mole Valley is represented by a different union, which has not balloted its members and is currently in discussions with Amey about a pay deal

When is it happening?

  • The GMB notified Amey of its intention to hold industrial action in Elmbridge and Surrey Heath between Monday 1 August and Friday 19 August
  • In a media statement the GMB has stated that no bin collections at all will be carried out by GMB members during this period

Why is it happening?

  • Amey and the GMB have been negotiating a pay settlement and have not been able to reach an agreement in the three depots where the union has members.

What will the impact be?

  • Elmbridge Council has worked with Amey on a range of contingency plans which will be put into place once the strike action’s impact on services is clear
  • Clinical waste collections will be prioritised along with collections from communal properties and emptying street litter bins
  • Service suspensions will be in the order of dry mixed recycling (DMR), garden waste, food waste and rubbish, as well as reducing street cleaning apart from street litter bins
  • The contingency plans also include sites being identified where recycling could be dropped off and where clear bags for storing of DMR could be collected
  • Residents will be able to take waste and most of their recycling to one of Surrey County Council’s Community Recycling Centres
  • Usage of the sites will be monitored and extended opening hours considered if necessary

Should I put my bin out during the strike period?

  • If you are due to have a collection on Monday 1 August, please put your bin out as normal
  • If it is not emptied by 4pm please report it as a missed collection and leave the bin out
  • Once Elmbridge Council know more about the impact of the strike action on collections, they will update the Joint Waste Solutions website with further guidance

Has a fair pay offer has been made?

  • At present, JWS and the partner authorities believe Amey has put a fair proposal to the workforce that reflects their crucial role in delivering frontline services
  • Elmbridge Council are continuously monitoring the situation and will be benchmarking against other local authorities and waste collection contractors
  • However, the discussions are between Amey and the GMB union and JWS and the councils are not involved

While the strike is happening, can I put food waste, recycling and garden waste in my rubbish bin?

  • Please do not place these items in your rubbish bin, so they can still be recycled
  • Elmbridge Council hope to continue the core services of weekly food waste collections, so please place all food waste in your caddy. If this changes they will let you know.
  • Recycling can be squashed/folded down to make more room in your bin or placed in clear plastic sacks and stored next to your wheelie bin
  • Alternatively you can take to your local Community Recycling Centre (CRC)
  • Elmbridge Council have contingency plans to create drop off sites and venues where clear plastic sacks can be collected, which will be implemented if needed
  • Garden waste can be composted at home, it is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of it. Find out more from the Surrey Environment Partnership. Or, you can take it to your local CRC

If my garden waste is not collected, will I receive a refund?

In line with Elmbridge Council's garden waste collection service terms and conditions, refunds will not be offered for missed garden waste collections. The aim is to restore the garden waste collection service as soon as possible after this industrial action. If your garden waste has not been collected, you can take your garden waste to your nearest Community Recycling Centre or it can be composted.

Will I receive a discount on my council tax due to this industrial action?

Elmbridge Council will be working with their contractor Amey and partner Joint Waste Solutions, to ensure minimum disruption during this period of industrial action. They will also enact contingency plans to support residents and to ensure food waste and refuse is collected and that recycling waste can be deposited at local recycling centres. Considering these measures to mitigate the impact of this industrial action, the amount of council tax allocated per household will not change.

I reported a missed bin last week, will this bin be collected?

Please continue to leave your missed bin out for collection, Elmbridge Council will aim to collect as soon as they are able to do so.