Elmbridge Unauthorised Encampments - Updates

Information on reported encampments

Elmbridge Borough Council have been providing updates on unauthorised encampments across the borough.

Please see the latest updates for the reported unauthorised encampments on Rydens School Open Space and Old Esher Road. 

If you do see an unauthorised encampment please report it directly to the council here

Friday 12 August, Rydens Open Space

Following a report of an unauthorised encampment at Rydens School Open Space , the Council’s Contractor will shortly be carrying out an assessment required under the legal protocol for dealing with unauthorised encampments.

The Council will then assess whether to serve them with a Notice of Direction to leave under Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

If they do not leave in compliance with this Notice, the Council will seek a removal order from the Magistrates Court.

Further updates will be made after this time.

The process usually takes on average between 7 to 10 days

In most instances, the issues arising from the unauthorised encampment for the community are minimal. Surrey Police are aware of the unauthorised encampment and will continue to monitor it with the Joint Enforcement Team*. Guidance on when to call the police regarding an unauthorised encampment, together with more information, can be found on the Surrey Police website. If you need to report an incident (ASB or crime) please call 101 or report an emergency on 999 or report Anti social behaviour through Elmbridge Borough Council’s website.

*a group made up of local partner agencies including Surrey Police and Elmbridge Borough Council

Thursday 11 August: Old Esher Road, Hersham

The Unauthorised encampment at Old Esher Rd, Hersham has now been vacated.



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