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About Me

My training and career as a professional dancer has given me deep insight into the art of movement, and an understanding that all movement originates in the mind, and it’s the mind itself which changes the body.

My passion for Pilates was awakened after a knee injury and retiring from dance. I retrained with BCPA and became a Master Trainer.

My constant thirst for more knowledge has led me to train over the years with some of the world’s finest movement professionals and also to train and teach in the GYROTONIC methodology which uses specialised machines designed around the human body to explore and expand our movement potential.

I am co-founder of imPULSEonPILATES which is a teacher training initiative to motivate and inspire Pilates teachers and rejuvenate tired teaching practices.

Over the years I have taught thousands of people, several of whom have gone on to become Pilates teachers in their own right. I consider it a privilege to continue learning from my clients past and present and I never lose the desire to help others.

The Innerspace Studio

The Innerspace Studio is a welcoming and relaxed place for everyone interested in making the best of themselves, wherever you might find yourself on your journey to a healthier, happier and more balanced body and mind.

Your body has huge potential and you can learn to unlock your ability to move well, stand taller and relieve pain. It is never too late to start and you will find us a friendly place to discover yourself.


Pilates is an exercise form which unlocks the secrets of perfect posture, freedom of movement, safely replacing bad habits with good ones and enabling you to move with more grace and ease.

It is aimed at everyone who wants to improve the way they look and feel about their bodies, at any age and at any time in their lives, whether you are recovering from an injury or are training for an Olympic Gold Medal, Pilates is there for you, improving performance and reducing threat of injury.

Building strength from the inside out, the perfect balance is achieved between strength and flexibility. You will become longer and leaner and more toned, along with the added benefits of releasing any unwanted stress and tension from the body.

G.P.s, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists regularly refer their clients to the studio. Come and see what Pilates can do for you today.


What is the Gyrotonic Method and how can it help me?

Gaining in popularity throughout the world, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® created by Juliu Horvath, is still relatively new to the U.K. This totally new concept in exercise utilises specialised equipment designed around the human body.

The pulleys, weights and wheels allow the body total freedom of movement in every direction. Articulating the joints and strengthening the body’s core musculature, particular attention is paid to the flexibility of the spine and creating more release in the upper back and shoulders. Classes are taught on a one to one basis.

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Pilates Class Timetable


10:00 – Intermediate
19:00 – Improvers
20:00 – New Beginners


09:30 – Intermediate/Advanced
19:00 – Intermediate
20:00 – Intermediate


09:30 – Intermediate
18:30 – Mixed Ability
19:30 – Mixed Ability


Private Sessions All Day


09:30 – Beginners/Intermediate

09:00 – Mixed Ability
10:00 – Mixed Ability

Pilates Springboard Timetable

Tuesday : 18.00
Friday : 10:35

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– Prices vary depending on the length of the block or ‘term’ of classes.
– You can either book a full term or part of a term if you join the studio part way through terms.
– Pro-rata each class is £14
– Drop in Classes are not available for Mat Classes

Full Term of Pilates Mat Classes – 14 weeks : £198 – Max 10 participants

Pilates Springboard Permit – 7 Classes : £200 (max 3 per class)

Drop in Pilates Springboard Class – £30

Private Sessions

Pilates Mat, Pilates Springboard and GYROTONIC private sessions are all £55 for an hour
or £250 for a block of 5 sessions.

Please note, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all Private sessions

Pilates Studio

Walton Business Centre ( on the 1st floor halfway down corridor on right)
44 – 46 Terrace Rd,
Walton on Thames,
KT12 2SD

Gyrotonic Studio

Gyrotonic lessons take place at my bespoke studio in my home. This bright and airy studio is where I teach Gyrotonic on two magnificent pieces of equipment. The Pulley Tower and the Jump-Stretch Board!

Come along for a taster session to experience this wonderful work on your body.

Studio Address : 59 Tufton Gardens West Molesey KT8 1TD

Contact us below to book a free class:

07790 020490

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