Look For A Book Walton and Hersham

Look For A Book Walton, Hersham & Esher

Hi I’m Andie a local primary school teacher and mum and I’ve recently been inspired by the original ‘Look 4 A Book’ St Neots page and thought I’d try and get something similar going in Walton and Hersham!

The idea is that you recycle preloved books with a letter inviting someone else to read your book and then pass onto another reader.

People are encouraged to hide books with the letter and post their findings on the Look For A Book Walton and Hersham Facebook page.

A lovely little activity to keep children busy hunting for books but also inspire them to read something new.


Have you joined The Hersham Community group on Facebook?

It is open to anyone not just children.

Any books that are slightly more mature (teen) just need a little extra note on them.

There are many books already hidden around the local community – see if you can recognise the locations from the piccies below!

Here are the full Look For A Book Instructions!

Do you have any lonely books you no longer read?

Do you want to hide some of your own books to encourage others to read whilst recycling books?

Step One

Choose which book you would like to share.

Step Two

Place it in a sealed zip lock plastic bag.

Step Three

Write a note with the following words:


You are the lucky finder of this book,
Go on, open it and take a look,
You can take it and keep it for as long as you please,
I hope you enjoy this marvellous read.,
If not leave it for someone else to find,
Let them expand their beautiful mind!
Please hide it again, once you are done,
So someone else can enjoy the fun!

Please take a picture and post it to:

Look for a book in Walton and Hersham

Step Four

Go out and have lots of fun hiding your book.
You may even find another book to read!

Step Five

Keep checking the Facebook page ‘Look For A Book in Walton and Hersham’ to see if anyone has been lucky enough to find your book!

 So far over 20 books will have been hidden by the end of this week!

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