Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Lauren Twilley

These are extremely challenging and trying times and have required a complete shift in every single aspect of our normal routine.

One of the things that our family have enjoyed immensely is seeing the rainbows and other artistic tributes in windows up and down our local streets.

One local Mum recently contacted us and made a wonderful suggestion:

“I was wondering if I could ask you a favour… I’m going to record a piano track to somewhere over the rainbow and am going to digitalise it and thought it would be lovely to have pictures of kids rainbows / artwork they’ve done in light of the coronavirus and just upload it to lift some spirits!”

We were delighted to help spread the word and are equally delighted to introduce Lauren Twilley in her own words below and her beautiful piano rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow with accompanying images of rainbows wonderfully put together by local children.

Lauren Twilley

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 so nearly 30 years and I am a piano teacher to 60 pupils from local schools.

I’d seen some beautiful art work in windows and online from local people in the area and wanted to think of a way that I could show them to other people across the country to lift their spirits like it did mine.

I approached various Facebook groups and emailed my piano students and asked them to submit their art work. I got a fabulous response and couldn’t believe how many pictures got sent through!

I thought it would be nice to play a song like ’Somewhere out there/ Over the rainbow’ to accompany the artwork. I recorded the song and then asked by boyfriend if he could put all the art and music together to make a video and then help distribute it online.

Our intention was to show that no matter what, people across the country are standing united against this dreaded virus and with our key workers and the NHS

It’s tough to keep and maintain high spirits at the moment, so I hope that this can offer a small ray of sunshine to brighten the day of anyone who watches.”

You can find out more about Lauren on her website :


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