work with elmbridge life - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

work with elmbridge life - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network


Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

  • Do you want to get your business in front of a huge local audience of potential clients and customers?
  • Are you looking to boost the local profile of your business?
  • Do you want a strong presence on Google but don’t have the time for a website?
  • Do you need some help raising awareness of your brand locally?
  • Are you mystified as to how to get your business at the top of the Google rankings?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions the great news is The Elmbridge Life Network can help…

Joining us is simple…and it really won’t cost you the earth to get connected to your potential customers with The Elmbridge Life Network and our Elmbridge and Surrey wide partner channels.

See below for more details on how we can help grow your business across Elmbridge & Surrey.

If you would prefer for us to contact you to discuss this in more detail please leave your details below and we’ll be in touch today.


    As you probably know The Elmbridge Life Network ( consists of a borough-wide network of local, community interest websites covering Walton on Thames, Cobham, Esher, Weybridge, Thames Ditton, Claygate and Molesey.


    social media impact - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    Let’s Talk Social

    Before we get down to website statistics, let’s talk social – as you can see our Social Media reach travels far beyond our local borders.

    social stats 700 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    We offer many opportunities to help increase the exposure of local businesses like yours in the local community and have a number of local partners on our websites, these can all be found on the ‘Local Listings’ menu option, you can see some examples here:

    Here are what some of them have to say about working with us:

    Riverside Rebels 100 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    We have been using the Elmbridge Life network as our primary method of marketing for the past year. The reach of this page and its associated social media channels is huge and always kept fresh and up to date.  I really do feel the most valuable advertising we do is via Elmbridge Life and we really appreciate their support.

    – Emma, Riverside Rebels

    LAS logo 100 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network


    Being a local independent business in Walton-on-Thames, we need to be able to tap in to the local community through lots of different ways.  Being an Elmbridge Life network partner has been an excellent platform for us to be able to advertise to people who live within the local area.  We are not very “tech minded”, but Nigel has given us very good advice and helped us set up a page that he keeps updated for us and “likes” and promotes our business regularly.  Our business has definitely benefited from being on Elmbridge Life and we will continue to advertise with him in the years to come.

    – Lisa & Ruth, Little All Sports


    BBP BOX - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network


    We have been an Elmbridge Life network partner for the last 3 years and have found the service and relationship to have been extremely useful for our business.

    We run a community-based Therapy Pilates and Back Care Business in Hersham, Walton and Weybridge.  As a small business promoting ourselves and making sure we have the correct information and approach on our website is always as challenge- there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything!

    Fortunately Nigel has been able to give us that extra support we need. Having a listing and presence on the Hub and working with Nigel has meant that we now feature well in Google searches as well as having an extra social media presence to complement our own efforts.

    Nigel is an expert in the field of websites and social media so knows exactly what is needed to help us raise our profile and get those all important clicks on our website.

    He is also always looking at ways to improve coverage and engagement in many different areas so the audience is always growing.

    This has meant we can concentrate more on the jobs we are good at- taking care of people’s health and wellness.

    I’d whole-heartedly recommend a partnership with Elmbridge Life to any small business that feels they need some extra help with their digital marketing. Money well spent!

    – Jo, Better Body Pilates

    HTB Logo 100 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network


    Here at Harmes Turner Brown, we have been working closely with the Elmbridge Life network as a partner for the last couple of years. The extra advertising and exposure we receive from the Hub and their sister websites really helps support a small local business like us. Nigel is a joy to work with and the effort, energy and passion he shows certainly comes across within the site which many local businesses like ourselves benefit from. Social media is now a huge part of our everyday lives and Elmbridge Life are extremely active over Facebook given us the opportunity to reach more and more followers! We believe the Elmbridge Life network offers good value for money for the exposure we have on the sites.

    – Steve, Harmes Turner Brown Estate Agents

    much more business - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    We have always been much more than just a business listings website

    We are much more than just a business listings website we actively and regularly publish local, community and family related content that directly appeals to the local residential population.

    In other words – your future clients and customers.

    Local families and residents actively and regularly visit our website – this is a typical weeks website traffic:

    THH site traffic 300 2 1 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    So apart from…

    • Fantastic social media coverage.
    • High satisfaction ratings among our partners.
    • A website that publishes content to actively attract local residents.

    What other benefits are there?

    • We have a ‘Local Partners’ Carousel on our homepage ( with a link to your dedicated page on every one of The Elmbridge Network websites – this guarantees that your business is front and centre for every visitor to our homepage (we are now averaging around 30,000 visits per month across the entire Elmbridge Life Network).

    carousel image 700 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network


    We limit promotional posting in our Facebook groups to our full page partners – this provides direct access to almost 39,000 group members, all of whom are local residents – exactly your target demographic.

    Our Partners receive free slots in our newsletter – this goes out to over 4000 subscribers and has an ‘open rate’ of well over 60% – this is an ideal way to get it in front of people away from Social Media.

    We share posts from our Partners to the main feed of our Facebook pages which combined have almost 22000 page likes.

    You have the option of providing editorial content for us to publish – this is only available to full page partners and is the perfect way to showcase your expertise and allow our followers to get to know the human side of your business. You!

    A link to your pages from the ‘Local Listings’ menu option on our homepage.

    We currently publish individual consolidated pages for Fitness Classes and Kids Activities – you can see how these rank for local keywords below.

    google rankings 400 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    We have the following dedicated business support sections in the pipeline for 2021

    Local Fitness Classes

    Kids Drop-In Activities

    Home Improvement Services;

    Business Support Services;

    Personal Wellness;

    Children’s Support Services; and

    Children’s Party Suppliers

    Last, and certainly not least, we will design for you a completely independent page, separately indexed by Google, which will rank highly in the search engines

    – this enables you to diversify your online presence, spend less time worrying about your own website and reduce your dependence on Social Media activity to get new clients and customers.

    Most of our single pages rank on page one of Google of their own accord for various business related keywords – as you can see below we dominate Google Page 1 rankings for local search terms.

    This isn’t by luck – we are partnered with Website Design & SEO Consultants Surrey Digital

    We hold 2 out of the top 3 Page 1 spots for keyphrase ‘kids multi sports walton’

    kids multi sports walton 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    3rd place on Page 1 for ‘schoolwear suppliers hersham’

    school suppliers 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    3 out of the top 4 Page 1 spots for ‘baby activities walton on thames’

    baby activities ranking 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    5th and 6th spot on Page 1 for ‘accountancy services hersham’

    accountancy services 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    3rd place on Page 1 for ‘girls netball classes esher’

    netball esher 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    4th place on Page 1 for ‘pilates classes weybridge’

    pilates weybridge 600 - Work With The Elmbridge Life Network

    This is just a small selection of our current rankings to demonstrate how we are ranking different types of businesses in different areas.

    As you can see we have a huge social media reach.

    Publish content that actively attracts local residents.

    Provide numerous benefits to local businesses who are Elmbridge Life Network partners

    And are experts in the field of SEO.

    We are also passionate about continuous improvement. We will never sit back and think ‘haven’t we done well’…

    2020 saw us increase our website portfolio to broaden our search engine coverage across Elmbridge and Surrey.

    2021 has seen see us actively grow our Borough-wide channels.

    We really could go on and on with further examples for other pages but we want to get to the point….

    What is the cost?

    Becoming a full-page partner with us will cost £120 for a 12 months presence on Elmbridge Life and access to the Elmbridge-related Facebook areas.

    For just an additional £120 (total £240) you will get full membership right across our entire Elmbridge and Surrey website estate and access to ALL Facebook Groups.

    Joining us is so simple.

    Send us some information to about your business, some images and we’ll do the rest we can get you published and shared across our social media channels within 24 hours of your content approval.

    If you would prefer for us to contact you to discuss this in more detail please leave your details below and we’ll be in touch today.


      I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to grow your business in 2021 and beyond!

      Kind regards

      Editorial Director

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